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Double Seat Butterfly Valves

Pentair Südmo Butterfly Valves can be implemented in any area of the process industries.
Double Seat Butterfly Valves
Double Seat Butterfly Valves

Pentair Südmo’s Leakage Butterfly Valve provides safe separarion of incompatable fluids in a compact design. This valve provides significant advantages over traditinal block and bleed installations.

By intergrating two butterfly discs and independent vent/drain valves into a common housing, the Pentair Südmo Leakage Butterfly Valve completely isolates the self draining leakage chamber with a single va-lve housing and actuator. This valve offers double safety in minimal space.

The mix-proof feature provides excellent process safety in applicati-ons where the separation of in compatible media, e.g. product and cleaning-in-place must be ensured.


  • Stainless-made solid disc
  • Accurate centering available with thrust bearing equipped between disc shaft and body flange to reduce the friction
  • Excellent corrosion‐resistance
  • Long product lifetime realized thanks to adoption of special sheet figure
  • Conforms to food adaptability test standard by FDA or any other authorities for the all sealing materials
  • Clear indications of the sizes, materials and pressure ratings
  • Applicable standards for the flanges as below
        •DIN 11850 Series 2{ DIN 11866 Series A }
        •ASTEM A270 { ASME BPE-2009/DIN 11866 SeriesB }
        • DIN EN ISO 1127 { DIN 11866 Series B }


Main body Wetted part : SUS316L(1.4404)
Non-wetted part : SUS304(1.4307)
Sheet EPDM(Standard)
The all passed adaptability test by FDA or any other authorities
Allowable working temperature In case of EPDM sheet
•130°C (266°F) for continuous running
•140°C (284°F) for short-time operation
Max. allowable working pressure EPDM,HNBR,VMQ : 1.0MPa
FPM,PTFE laminated : 0.6MPa
Surface finishing Wetted part:Ra<=0.8μn
Non-wetted part:Ra<=n1.6μn


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